Saturday, March 25, 2017

Creativity Doing It's Part to Keep the Universe Safe

What a great idea my young friend posted today on Facebook.   I love this and thought I would share this creative idea with you.  She found this idea on Pinterest of course and decided to do some spring cleaning in her son's room.  

These super hero toys can be really important to some kids and with this handy idea they can keep track of them at a glance. They can make sure that all their crime fighters are accounted for. This just may will help keep forces of evil in check and the universe a safer place to live!

 Of course was many years ago,  but my three boys loved their little action army figures.  They were their favorite toys.  Each little soldier was all about 3 inches long and their arms and legs moved.  They were just nameless soldiers and heroes that had the task to teach some little boys how to grow up to be brave men.

Now there are so many superhero figures with amazing super powers that I can't even begin to know all their names.  Of course I haven't really paid attention to the current movies so besides Superman and Batman my knowledge of superheroes is pretty limited.  My 4 year old grandson sure knows them all and these toys are important to them.  He seems to have a complete collection of both the smaller versions and the super sized 12" rendition. 

This back of the door shoe organizer idea really struck me as a great idea for a boys room.  Not only are the action figures up off the floor and no longer posing a tripping hazard but it is teaching organization skills at a young age.  

I should clarify that it is not just boys who appreciate a good superhero.  I did buy my 4 year old granddaughter a couple of the 12" crime fighters and a set of superhero capes for Christmas.  She like Batman the best I'm told.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Feels Like Summer Outside but it's Spring Just Inside My Door

I would really like to know where spring has gone.  With temperatures in Las Vegas well into the 90's it feels much more like May than March.  Then if you add in the factors of recovery from the 1000 mile road trip to Reno topped with the springing a head of daylight savings time, you can see why this week has been pretty much a blur.   

Before our trek across the vast emptiness of the Nevada desert, I had finalized my spring decoration in my foyer area.  I was happy with everything EXCEPT the table runner.  I just couldn't find one that jumped out at me so I opted for a plain ivory lace runner that I found at Hobby Lobby.  I think it was about $6 (1/2 off sale).  Not bad but it really wasn't what I had in mind.  

While I was in Reno, I spent a little time walking around the Ross Store near our hotel.  As I was almost finished shopping, I ran across a picked over display near the front of the store.  This cute little chick appliqued on a set of two cotton dishtowel caught my eye.  Embellished with pastel colored ric-rac and at only $3.99 I couldn't resist.  I knew I had found my perfect spring table runner.

Today I finally got a chance to put the towels together.  A needle and white thread were all I needed to add some quick basting stitches so that the towel ends lined up and would stay in place under my sewing machine needle.  I started with a stitch at both ends to make sure they lined up perfectly and then I worked my way to the center.  I think it only took about 8 stitches and I was ready to get my ZIG ZAG on.  

Since I wanted the runner to lay flat it was important to stitch them together rather than overlapping and then having a thick seam running down the middle.  

Here is my finished table runner and I couldn't have asked for a better fit.  This antique buffet was a trash treasure that my husband found about 2 years ago.  I had wanted a high narrow table to fit behind our front door in our foyer and this piece was just perfect.   

And finally, here is my completed display down to the malted robin's eggs in my antique Red Wing spongeware mixing bowl.  How could something so easy make me smile so big?

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Watching Carrots Grow

I thought I would share a poem with you that I wrote this month before the Easter season.  I call it "Watching Carrots Grow" and since I have several pieces that actually feature carrots I thought it was appropriate to let them serve as the illustration.

This first sketch is actually titled "Watching Carrots Grow" and you will have to use your imagination like I did here to actually believe that a rabbit wouldn't have already eaten every visible part of that carrot.  As you know, Rabbits are like eating machines.

The second sketch I have here is a long time favorite of mine.  I just love the contrast between the monochrome rabbit and the colorful carrots.  I call this one "Don't Forget Your Vegetables".

 The last piece is actually a pretty large painting that I did as part of the Down Country Road series.  I used my adorable grandson, Noah to pose for my little boy with a basket full of carrots.  I call this piece "Fence Post Rendezvous".  You can see by looking at the picture that these two young ones have taken a detour from the garden for the purpose of feeding the horse some fresh picked carrots.  I'm sure the horse is in for a real treat.

I hope you enjoy my artwork and my poem.  Drop me a message and let me know.  If you want to see more of my artwork, please visit my website at

Julie Townsend

Waiting and watching for Carrots to grow
Have you ever seen anything so painfully slow?
From the time in the spring when you place the seeds in soil
And don’t you forget to water, weed, sweat and toil

Then you jump for joy when you see that first bright leafy green
Looking like a plate decoration for some fancy cuisine
Remember with carrots the important part is growing out of sight
Deep in the ground without a single spot of light

For it’s the roots of the carrot that cause your lips to smack
Their crunchy sweetness is always a favorite snack
Patience is a virtue many will say
And you better have plenty because it takes many a day

Remember the saying “Good things come to those who wait”
Waiting you must do before that orange goodness is on your plate
There is an important lesson that you should take heed
Plant these words deep in your heart to grow just like a weed

I’ve read in the Bible that we should “fix our eyes on things unseen”
It’s not the outward appearance that makes you selfish and mean
But just like carrots that grow underground and out of our sight
It’s those invisible qualities of Love, Joy and Peace that makes you shine bright

And let’s not forget to save plenty of room
Because there is nothing so sweet when Kindness and Patience are in full bloom
Stand strong and guard the garden of your heart

The reward of that harvest will give your life a good start.