Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Cute as a BUTTON!

This rabbit is just the start of my spring decorations

Spring is here and it is most definitely time to box up and retire all the pink and red of Valentines Day decorations and look to bright and pastels to warm up that chill that is still hangs in the air.  This weekend I bought a large plaster rabbit and some realistic green apples with the idea of coming up with my spring decorations.  I have a bird's nest and some eggs and of course I'm thinking those yummy "Robin Eggs" malted candy will be perfect for my candy dish.  As I get going I will be blogging more about my spring decorating attempts.

I started today looking for some cute ideas that I could make with the grandchildren and came across several images that grabbed my attention.

My Grandma's Button Collection

BUTTONS have always held a special fascination to me.  I can remember stringing buttons of all sizes, shapes and colors together with my grandmother to make pretty bracelets for ourselves.  As a matter of fact, I inherited her button collection and I store them in an antique ball canning jar and have them displayed on my bookshelf.

Here I have taken a picture of my button jar sitting on the old ice cream parlor chair that was in my grandmother's house from my earliest childhood memories.  This little chair has to be nearly 100 years old.  If I recall, she kept her buttons in a can or a box but I love how they look in this old glass jar.  So many colors and shapes.  Many of them are plan white or grey and I'm sure she got them off my grandfather's work shirts but there are many that appear to be very old and are quite fancy.

I loved these flowers made entirely from buttons. Just a glue gun and plenty of colorful buttons are all you really need.  I would put them on stems of green floral wire so that you could attach them or display them in a bouquet.  This should prove to be a fun activity for the older grandchildren.  You can then attach them to make hair accessories, front door wreath or add to a hanging garden decoration.

I really like this second picture where they have used old shakers to display such a beautiful bouquet of spring flowers.  I would love to have this to display on my entry foyer antique buffet table.

This is as CUTE AS A BUTTON!

This one is probably my favorite.  Such a simply project but it just makes me so happy to look at it.  I can't wait to come up with a way to display these cute stitched button flowers.  Wouldn't it be so cute have different shades of blue buttons to make an arrangement of "bachelor button" flowers?

Believe me I have already added some packages of colorful buttons to my Amazon shopping cart and I can't wait to get started on all these spring flowers!  I will be blogging more about my progress as we say goodbye to February and warmly EMBRACE March.